The Light Keeper

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The Light Keeper

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Do you want to add that finalizing touch of luxury to your house and transform even the plainest room into something special?

The Light Keepers is a great option for any type of occasion or just simply adding beauty to your home.

Inspired by the clean lines of African design philosophy, the light keepers will create an artful lighting display in any space.

Fashioned from sturdy metal in contemporary African design, this gorgeous piece is a perfect addition to any modern home décor palette as well as an eye-catching accent to any event’s candle display.


 Our light keepers are handcrafted designed not just for minimalists but also for those who have an aesthetic appreciation.

 The Light Keepers are perfect for table decorations and blend beautifully with your coffee table, living room, and kitchen, home decor.

 These handmade light keepers give your house an artistic and vintage look and a great atmosphere for candlelight dinner. 

Perfect gift for your friends for their home-decor art gifts.


  • Material: Metal

  • Size
Thea: 4.72''/12cm*3.93''/10cm*9.44''/24cm
Freya: 5.9''/15cm*2.95''/7.5cm*10.82''/27.5cm
Zain: 6.69''/17cm*3.93''/10cm*9.37''/23.8cm

    Package Includes: 1 X The Light Keepers (candles are not included)


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